UVM College of Nursing and Health Sciences Academic-Clinical Partnership

As of July 2018, Dee Physical Therapy and the University of Vermont College of Nursing and Health Sciences have engaged in a unique partnership that provides UVM Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) students clinical learning experiences alongside the excellent Dee PT practitioners and UVM academic faculty.

As the first named outpatient Faculty Clinical Practice supporting the UVM DPT program, Dee PT hosts 40 clinical learning experiences annually for first and second year UVM students to work alongside our licensed physical therapists. Dee PT also provides UVM DPT faculty with opportunities to practice in a clinical setting, while our practitioners serve as clinical faculty at the University.

In addition, Dee PT has expanded our research support as a practice site for UVM researchers within the DPT program and the Larner College of Medicine. This helps us continue to deliver the most evidence-based care to our patients. Please check out our current research involvement as seen to the right.

We at Dee Physical Therapy feel that this supports our mutual goals of offering best practice quality physical therapy for our patients while supporting education, community service, and scholarship.

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