April 6th: UPDATE

We hope all of you and your families are safe and feeling well. We miss you all as well as each other.

We have our Hinesburg and South Burlington offices safely staffed to take calls and process basic business functions. Some clients are being seen for significant issues that are determined by the therapist and on a limited basis only. We will wear masks, gloves and constantly sanitize the area during a treatment session and when staff are there without clients.


Insurance companies are allowing us to use Telehealth as a way to treat people and that is going very, very well. They are paying for it and we advise you to use it if you think it would help.

At all three Dee Physical Therapy clinics (South Burlington, Shelburne, and Hinesburg) we have transitioned to Telehealth physical therapy treatment sessions.

We  plan to re-open when we are instructed to do so by our state officials. We will update you then and along the way.


Submit any questions to [email protected] via email, use our contact us page on the website, or call our South Burlington (865-0010) or Hinesburg (482-2200) locations.

We are here to help in anyway.

Dee PT Clinicians and Staff