Telehealth/Telemedicine Physical Therapy

Telehealth or Telemedicine Physical Therapy is a web-based medium using secure video and audio platforms that allow us to work with you face to face online. Telehealth -Telemedicine Physical Therapy is simple and HIPAA compliant. We use a Vermont State approved application: Many insurance carriers have approved Telehealth-Telemedicine Physical Therapy for Dee Physical Therapy. We know which insurance carriers allow this and can help you through it.

Your Dee Physical Therapist will explain the process to you and then send you an invitation to their ‘Waiting room’. Your PT will start the video meeting and walk you through a PT evaluation. Your PT will work with you on necessary exercises and important information related to your condition. We have practiced Telehealth -Telemedicine at Dee Physical Therapy and found it to be an excellent way to keep you moving during this challenging time. Telehealth -Telemedicine Physical Therapy has been in use for some time and is an effective alternative to clinic visits if you cannot leave your home.

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