Golf Body, Golf Movement

We get the most out of your body while you and your pro do the rest.

The golf swing is a complex set of movements requiring your body to have as much flexibility and strength as it can achieve. “Golf Body, Golf Movement” is Dee PT’s exclusive golfers only evaluation and exercise program. It consists of an initial evaluation followed by three progressive exercise sessions. 

Mike Dee, PT will take your history, identify your goals, evaluate the movements required for your best possible swing, and get you going with your customized exercise program. Mike is in his 37th year of practicing physical therapy and has been playing golf since his childhood. He is also a Board Certified Sports Specialist (SCS) and Titleist Professional Institute (TPI) Certified. He is a recreational golfer and enjoys the lifelong pursuit of learning and improving his game.

Mike will be using the TPI evaluation tool combined with his knowledge and skill to assess areas you need to make stronger or more flexible. Then exercises will be given that are golf specific and consider what your body must do to get you your best swing. You will feel greater range of motion, increased strength and awareness of your swing that you and your PGA professional will be able to put to good use. Did we mention greater distance?

E-mail Mike at: [email protected] for details and questions.

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