Running Gait Evaluations

Our running gait exam provides you with all the information you need to decrease your injury risk and improve performance

Who would benefit from a running evaluation?

Any runner who is interested in reducing their risk for overtraining/overuse injuries, increasing their performance, or as a precursor to starting a large training block to improve running economy.

Our running evaluation includes:

  • A thorough subjective history (running/training history, injury history, goals, shoe wear, etc)
  • A full biomechanical assessment of relevant upper and lower body flexibility, strength, joint mobility, and neuromuscular control
  • Video analysis of gait
  • Corrective exercises to address noted impairments

Our goal is to give you an understanding of how your running gait impacts your performance and give you a plan to help realize your goals.

What to expect:

The appointment will last about an hour. Bring your usual running clothing and shoes as well as any training logs that you may keep. You will leave with a concise plan to improve any inefficiencies in your stride as well as an exercise plan to help you realize those goals.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an evaluation, please call any of our locations or email [email protected].

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