As of today, Dee Physical Therapy is now offering running gait evaluations!

As physical therapists, we are movement experts who have the training required to effectively assess your gait biomechanics and help you improve. Last year alone, 60 million people in the United States went for a run whether it be for recreation, fitness, or performance. Unfortunately research has found that up to 80% of runners will have an injury in a given year. We felt that it was our duty as movement experts to try to address the growing population of injured runners.

At Dee Physical Therapy, our running gait evaluation entails taking a detailed history to learn about you as a runner. We want to know all about your history with running, your goals, injury history, shoe choices, training habits and patterns, and more. We love running and we love our patients who run so we want to know all about what makes you, you! With a better picture of your history we have a better idea of how we want to approach your care.

The next step is to watch you run. With a thorough history we can look for specific details that may arise in your gait that do not in another runner. With 3-D video analysis we can look at your gait from multiple angles that gives us a dynamic view of your biomechanical presentation. Afterwards, we can determine where any inefficiencies may lie that better informs our table assessment. The table assessment gives us an opportunity to confirm our working hypothesis and flesh out to a greater extent what your gait has already told us. With all this information, we can then prescribe several exercises that work towards addressing your needs.

We are happy to offer this service to our community because we think that all runners can be more efficient and more injury resilient no matter their goals or reasons for running. Movement is medicine and we are going to help you feel good again!