Every year surgeons in the United States perform 100,000 ACL reconstructions, 700,000 knee replacements, and roughly 650,000 rotator cuff repairs with those numbers expected to rise over the next decade. We at Dee Physical Therapy are committed to ensuring that each of our post-operative patients have great outcomes.

We get it, surgeries are scary. They involve time off of work, missed social gatherings, increased reliance on others for help, and inability to do the activities of your choice. It is imperative that you pursue physical therapy afterwards to reduce your limitations and get you back to what you want to be doing. Our job and number one priority is to guide you through this process, answering your questions, allaying your fears, giving you a personalized program to complete at home or in the gym, and progressing that program in a manner consistent with the stage of healing you are in. We have the specialized knowledge required to safely and effectively progress you after surgery to get you back to sports, daily activities, and your life as quickly as possible. You aren’t just a number to us; we’re here to make sure that we understand your goals and it’s our job to get you there safely.

Pre-operative therapy is also an essential of every post-operative physical therapy program. The amount of physical therapy beforehand is different for everyone but research has found that pre-operative physical therapy helps improve post-operative outcomes. It’s designed to educate you before the surgery to help you understand the timeline of healing afterwards, as well as what to expect in the months to follow. Beyond education, our goals are to get you in the best shape possible by reducing pre-operative swelling, improving pain control, self-care strategies, and answering questions. Especially before ACL reconstructions we aim to ensure that you have excellent quadriceps muscle function, minimal swelling, and improving dynamic control of the knee, all important factors for a successful post-operative outcome. Regardless of whether it is one visit or 10 visits, physical therapy before surgery can be the difference between getting back to what’s important to you ASAP or putting it off for another season.

Here at Dee Physical Therapy, we are committed to our patients and your goals are our goals. We have 3 convenient locations in South Burlington, Shelburne, and Hinesburg to help serve you better and you can contact us anytime to schedule a visit!


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