Come and participate in The Longest Drive, an event to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association!

The Longest Day is an annual national event to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.  It is held each June 21st, the longest day of the year.  Typically, individuals and teams choose an activity (exercising, knitting, hiking, playing cards, etc) and perform that activity for the entire day, raising money to fight Alzheimer’s in the process.

This year, The Arbors is participating by introducing The Longest Drive – A long drive competition to be held at The Kwini Club in Shelburne from 11:30-6:30.  Golfers will take their best swings at hitting their longest drive possible, with prizes for the top male, female, senior, and youth big hitter.

Entrants can arrive anytime during the event with no scheduling needed.  $10 for 3 swings and $15 for 6 swings gets you into the competition!

There will be other events to enjoy during the day as well:

Dr. Tim Gould, physical therapist and certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) instructor, will be on site performing golf fitness screens and offering tips on physical performance, proper warmup, and injury prevention for golfers.

Experience Dementia LIVE on the putting green. Dementia LIVE is an inside-out learning experience.  Individuals have certain senses altered, for the putting at least their vision (possibly touch and hearing, weather and time dependent), then are asked to complete assigned tasks- which for this will be to complete putts.  At the end we reflect with the person about their experience.

Food, cash bar, and a raffle right at The Kwini Club!

Visit the facebook page for more information at The Longest Drive for The Longest Day!