Dee PT In-Network Insurance

While we accept all insurance policies at Dee PT, we are not in-network with all carriers.

In-Network Insurance at Dee PT include:

Each logo above will bring you to the corresponding insurance’s webpage when clicked.

As a courtesy to our patients, our reception and billing staff will do their best to pre-verify your insurance coverage before your initial visit, so please have your insurance card ready when you call!

Please be aware that if your insurance carrier is not listed on the list above, or does not access one of those networks to process claims, your claims may be processed as ‘out-of-network’. Your plan may require higher co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance for out-of-network care. Your plan may not cover out-of-network care at all, leaving you to pay the full cost yourself.

If you continue to have questions regarding your insurance coverage for physical therapy, please call us at any of our three Dee PT locations and we will do our best to assist you. As it is ultimately the patients’ responsibility to be aware of their benefits and coverage, and because we will not guarantee coverage, we highly encourage patients to peruse their carriers policies and benefits in regard to physical therapy before beginning treatment.

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