Goal Setting and New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year and with that comes a blank slate. A chance for you to make lifestyle changes, set goals, be a better person. However, how many of us have made a resolution to eat fewer cookies only to find ourselves reaching for them two weeks later. While you don’t need a new year’s resolution to make a change, there is no time like the present to make a choice to work on something important to you and at Dee PT we are here to help you set a goal and achieve it! What follows is guide on setting goals that are both appropriate and achievable.


Keep it Simple

The best goals are simple goals. They shouldn’t contain addendums or multiple goals linked into a single goal that make it complicated to measure your progress. A concise goal is easy to measure and making it specific lets you know if you are succeeding. Think “I want to lose 20 pounds” vs “I want to lose more weight and by eating better with exercise.” The former is specific and easy to measure. When you lose 20 pounds you have achieved your goal. The latter is confusing because it doesn’t hold you accountable to something easily measurable.


Make a Plan

Nothing in life is easy and reaching your goals takes work but you don’t have to make it harder by failing to make a plan. You’ll thank yourself later if you start off by making an outline for achieving your goal. You may deviate from it but at least it can serve as a reference point in the future. Having a plan forces you to sit down and figure out the “How” when working on the goal throughout the year.


Be Realistic

Many times goals and resolutions fail because they are a great idea but lack a realistic foundation. Trying to do yoga seven days a week when you have a full time job, kids, and other responsibilities may not be feasible, but four days a week might be! If you make a realistic goal and achieve it part way through the year it’s easy to make a new one and you get the satisfaction of accomplishing something.



At the end of the day in order to be successful you need to be willing to work for it. All the planning and goal setting in the world is pointless if in your heart you aren’t committed. Making a lifestyle change or achieving a goal is hard work. It requires self-reflection to establish that something needs to change and willpower to follow through with your plan. The reward, however, is a change that you can be proud of and feel good achieving. If you put in the work using a plan to achieve a simple but realistic goal you will be successful!

We at Dee Physical Therapy are committed to helping you achieve your goals this year! If an injury is holding you back, you’re not sure where to begin, or just need someone to help keep you accountable, we are here to help you feel good again. Contact us at any of our clinics to schedule a visit. Don’t forget that we also offer Free Injury Screens to determine if physical therapy is something you might benefit from.