Welcome to ‘The Fit Space’ at Dee Physical Therapy of Hinesburg, 52 Farmall Drive. (Behind Kinney Drugs)

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We are very pleased you have considered The Fit Space as your local fitness facility. We are a physical therapy clinic with an additional fitness space. The Fit Space is comprised of a wide range of fitness and exercise equipment for aerobic and resistance training.

Two free sessions with a staff member are included in each membership to learn how to use exercise equipment properly and safely. In addition, we will be offering personal training to create an exercise routine tailored to your needs. Personal training rates are set by the trainer and may vary.

Members and patients will be expected to work together, being mindful that patients have priority on exercise equipment as part of their therapy.

A variety of membership options are listed to suit your needs:

Individual $30/month $330/year
Student/Senior (60+) $25/month $275/year
Family of 3 $75/month $825/year
Family of 4+ $100/month $1100/year


Hours as of 12/21/16:

Monday thru Friday 4am to 6:45 (code access only) 7am to 7pm Doors open, 7pm to 9:45 (code access only

Saturday 4am to 4:45pm (code access only)

Please remember to bring a towel for the shower.


Thank you again for choosing Dee Physical Therapy and we hope you will take advantage of everything our facility has to offer!


Dee PT Staff