Dee PT Client Testimonials

At Dee PT our goal is to make sure you Feel Good Again. It’s what we’re here for and it’s all about who we are. Our staff is committed to listening to you, understanding your problem, and creating a care plan that makes you Feel Good Again! Close to half of the evaluations we do each year are patients who return to us with a new problem or injury. We are honored for the privilege to help them and would love to help you too. It’s time for Dee PT.

I saw Nicole Heyl today at the Hinesburg Office for a grade 1 hamstring strain. She is a true find. Personable, knowledgeable and very kind. I don’t know how [Dee PT] finds these folks but they (Nicole and Katie Spencer) are just great.

Tom H.


If you’re in need of a great physical therapy location look no further than the great folks at Dee Physical Therapy right here in Hinesburg. I have been to others in the past and none of them can compare with the professional care that I received there.

S. Baker


Just wanted to let you know I took my test last week and did great. Got my run time down to a more recent personal best! I am now going to shoot for a new goal.

Can’t thank you enough for all your help, Courtney too (my neck is getting better). You guys are awesome.

Mike, you asked me to let you know how my foot is since the added bit of orthotic and the exercise to stretch my toes. Fantastic! I had not one second of pain after learning the exercise and leaving your office!! A few days later, doing the exercise, all of a sudden the tendons or ligaments let go and my foot stretched out to match the range of bend of the other foot. I can even go barefoot now without pain.

Tim, Laurel, Katie: Thank you so much for your professional presentation Monday. It was exactly what we needed as a group of trainers looking to improve the quality of our work and create familiarity with DeePT. I can’t thank you enough and appreciate your preparation, delivery, and ability to field questions concerning the subject matter.

We look forward to continuing the relationship in the future.


Thank you all for your service and allowing us to be part of a wonderful business by using your facility. It is very nice, exceptionally clean and organized and everyone is so pleasant. Very rare these days. You do a wonderful job and please tell Mike how nice of a place it is for us and how nice he and all of you are. Enjoy and thanks.

It may have seemed so simple, but understanding what was wrong with my back pain was what made a world of difference to me. I now run pain free. I thank you so much! Have a happy holiday!
Tacey M.

As golf season winds down I want to tell you that the rehab program from Tim, with strengthening exercises, has been very effective. For the first time in several years, at this point of the year my shoulder & hamstrings are essentially pain free. I have played more golf this year than last, so I am very happy.

I have seen physiotherapists in the past for the shoulder, but the rehab from them was insufficient. Clearly there is benefit from recovery through appropriate exercise versus treating with ultrasound and massage.

So many thanks for your expertise and guidance.

Kelli, Thank you so much for your kindness each and every day. I walked through the door these last 4 months and you always greeted me with a smile and called me by name; you were patient with me when scheduling appointments and dealing with insurance. All Dee PT patients are lucky to begin and end their visits with you!


You guys are the best! Hard work pays off. You guys did most of the work. Believe it or not physical therapy was fun! Thanks again for fixing my arm.


Thanks for everything!! Please tell Matt that my ankle is holding up well playing basketball because of him!


Just passing along a compliment from this patient! He wants to thank you for all your help and wonderful service. He is feeling so much better, that he cancelled his appointment with Vt Pain Management and an appointment with you in Shelburne. He will be recommending everyone to come here!

I had my appointment today with the surgeon, who was going to do a Vision Scope to determine what type of surgery I would need on my knee….He said, I was NOT ready for surgery yet…he didn’t even do the scope! After manipulating my knee, having me walk, squat and hop(!) on my right foot, he said I was doing really well, and had several other non-surgical options available, as my osteoarthritis progressed. I was really psyched.

So….testimony to DeePT…I feel so much better and am really excited to know I don’t have to plan on surgery in the foreseeable future.

What the surgeon said, was I needed to keep doing what I was doing, take on some things I’ve been avoiding, like yoga, golf lessons (which I actually did start on Thursday after talking with Tim), and doing PT.

I can’t tell you too often, how much I appreciated what you and the entire staff has done, to help me transition to this place. I am fully aware of how fortunate I am to be able to use the facility, and have the expertise of so many awesome individuals…

So….here it is….I am ready to do whatever you prescribe….

Thank you again!


Just woke up and said to myself, “Hey what’s going on here?” And I lay my head back on the pillow and realized my back didn’t hurt and I had had a full night’s sleep! So, thanks so much for your kind and learned attention yesterday. This is amazing.

This is the first time in my long life that I have experienced this kind of ‘chronic’ pain, if you will. Now my compassion grows for others who do.

The sun is going to shine today – stars were out last night.


Before going to Dee PT I had been to two other PT clinics for my lower back and leg pain. The therapists at Dee PT listened to what I had to say. They did the most thorough exam and told me that the source of my pain was in my hip. They sent me to my doctor for x-rays, which revealed some very bad arthritis in my hip. I had a hip replacement, and with help from Dee PT I can finally go golfing again. It took almost five years to find the right people to help me with my pain and I’m grateful that Dee PT could do that.

Laurie T.